Wednesday 29 April 2020

Spring Migration 2020 first arrival dates

2020 Spring Migrant first arrival dates at Feathers, Salehurst, East Sussex

Swallow: n/a (2019: 10th April)

House Martin: n/a (2019: 10th May)

Swift: 28th April (2019: 11th May)

Chiffchaff: 31st March (2019: 1st April)

Blackcap: 31st March (2019: 13th April)

Whitethroat: n/a (2019: 19th April)

Cuckoo: 9th April (2019: 20th April)
Summer update: I'll no longer be recording the first arrivals of swallows and house martins, as both species have gone from regular breeding species to merely passage migrants. We have seen both species here this year flying over, but it's rather upsetting to know that neither now call this place home. The whitethroat is also a bit tricky as it's seen and heard down by the river rother, so we can't record it's first arrival date accurately.