Tuesday 6 January 2015

Barn Owl at Bodiam

On the 28th December, Allan stopped off at Bodiam after spotting the Barn Owl which breeds there. I therefore decided that as I was working on Sunday I would go back that way as at 4pm there would still be some light. On the way there I knew I would stop anyway to photograph the sunset even if the Barn Owl wasn't about. After pulling up, I walked back to the bridge and all of a sudden the Owl appeared from my left, flying across the river. I had prepared my camera for the sunset so in my attempts to get a photo of the Owl flying just in front of me, I failed miserably. Fortunately for me, however, it spent a while heading up river towards the sunset, before turning back and flying underneath the very bridge I was standing on. After coming out the other side, it spotted something on the river bank and went down to grab it. I then had a bit of time to steady my hands, set my camera properly and get some decent pics. In the low light, my Lumix decided to focus on the reeds in front of the Owl, so I had to move a bit to get it in focus. Out of the hundreds I took, 1 or 2 came out half decent, but that was good enough for me. The moon was just rising over the trees to the east, looking stunning as the last of the sun bounced off it, topping the whole experience off nicely.

Allan's photo of the Barn Owl on the 28th December
Flying across the river as I stood on the bridge

Up river as the sun was setting

With his catch

Wish I had the composure to get this shot with the Barn Owl flying towards the camera!


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