Thursday 7 January 2016

Feathers Firecrest

Between Christmas and the New Year, Allan photographed a Firecrest outside the shop, taking our list to 94 species. It was the only new species added in 2015, and one we always thought we should have on there, but a very welcome addition none-the-less!

December and early January were very wet, though we have been lucky in the south east considering the floods elsewhere in the country. The weather looks to be settling down next week as the colder weather draws in, with temperatures set to plummet to around 5° and freezing at night. The birds seem to be anticipating it as the feeders in our Nature Area have become very busy, with countless amounts of Blue Tits feeding. 4 Siskins arrived on Tuesday and have been visiting on and off since, hopefully they will stay. Allan got a photo of a female today and though I haven't managed to photograph them yet, the other birds certainly kept me busy until the male Sparrowhawk came in.

With all the fields flooded, I chanced a quick trip down Redlands lane to see if anything unusual was about. A Little Egret picked up as I drove past, landing again to allow me a few distant pics from the car.

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