Saturday 16 February 2019

A dearth of unusual visitors

I haven't 'blogged' for months, the reason being there hasn't been much to share. So far this winter, apart from a very brief cold snap at the end of Jan/start of Feb, it has been pretty mild. The feeders have still been busy but only with the regular visitors; we haven't seen siskins, redpolls or bramblings, while the redwings and fieldfares occasionally fly over but are finding plenty of food around. Lots of customers are also reporting a dearth of unusual visitors.

Now the birds are thinking ahead to spring; the great spotted woodpeckers have started drumming, the blackbirds have started singing, and great tits in particular have become very vocal.

The rarest visitor was a female black redstart in late November.

A recent poll on our Feathers facebook group asked 'Which is your favourite bird?'. A tricky question, with lots of suggestions posted, but the clear winner was the long-tailed tit. These gorgeous birds are popular for their character as well as their sweet looks, as they stick together in family groups. While they are around all year, the winter is the best time to spot them in your gardens, and good quality suet and peanuts are their preferred foods. During this past month we have had a group visit our feeders outside the shop regularly. Here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure :)

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