Saturday 13 March 2021

A year to forget?

 I don't think anyone wants reminding of 2020. All our plans for Feathers fell by the wayside, with no chance of celebrating our 10 year anniversary, no evening talks, no events etc etc. With that being said, we were blessed with good fortune overall, being that demand for what we sell remains high.

As most of us spent more time at home than ever last year (and continue to do so in 2021), gardens and garden birds have been a blessing for those of us who are lucky to have them. Local walks were probably the most enjoyed activity in the last year, with more and more people either reconnecting with nature or simply connecting with nature and wildlife for the first time in their life.

Therein lies our good luck, with garden bird food and binoculars both highly sought after, and the only real trouble coming from difficulty sourcing stock, with Brexit further complicating matters towards the end of last year into this year.

Our classification as a pet shop allowed us to remain open for most of the time (we decided to close the shop and only offer delivery during the first lockdown), and customers were keen to keep their garden birds well fed. 

Now there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel. There's great anticipation for the easing of lockdown and being able to enjoy seeing friends and family again, as well as simple pleasures like going out for a meal. For now though, let's keep enjoying what nature has to offer.

 Here are a selection of photos taken in the last 6 months at Feathers:


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