Tuesday 28 October 2014

Happisburgh, Norfolk

A day trip to visit family in Norfolk wouldn't be complete without a bit of birding - it's hard not to when wherever you go there are good birds to be had! A should-be-5-minute walk to the beach took 25 with all the stopping for photos. A flock of 200 or more Golden Plover in the field, occasionally taking off and landing back in the same spot. More Skylarks than you can shake a stick, not easy to photograph mind you. Only a small skein of Pink footed Geese, unfortunately time was of the essence to we didn't get to go further along the coast. Linnets, Meadow Pipits and Goldfinches in good size groups, lots of Gulls but nothing much else out at sea and a Kestrel hunting on the beach. A lunch time visit to Norwich Cathedral was possibly the highlight of the day as a Peregrine circled above us, landing once or twice on the platform before gracing the blue sky once more. What more could you want? A good few more days I suppose!

Golden Plover & Happisburgh Lighthouse

Pink footed Geese

Peregrine at Norwich Cathedral Platform

Norwich Peregrine

Feathers Binoculars

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